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Day 5


In this lesson, we will focus and revise our knowledge of word class and the definitions for each word class. We will construct sentences using various nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs that we can apply to our writing. For this lesson, you will need an exercise book or some paper and a pencil.

Lesson 5


Year 5: L.O: To add decimals with the same number of decimal places

Activity 1: Watch the demonstration video below for today's lesson.



Activity 2: Once you have watched this video, click the link below to access the activity booklet to complete in your home learning books. Please put the question number you are answering in the margin if you are not completing your work on the sheet. 

Activity Book

Activity 3: Check your answers once you are done using the link below.

Activity Book Answers


Life is All About Balance

In this lesson, our learning objective is to learn about what makes a balanced lifestyle. Within this lesson, we will compare and contrast two very different lifestyles. Our two main characters will take part in a race which they have prepared for very differently. Who will win? This will help the children to understand that there are different components which make up a balanced lifestyle and from this, they will then create a prompt to stick somewhere in the house.