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Day 5


Today I would like you to play 10 Studio games on TTRS. This will give you an updated speed time and show you how you are improving with your times tables knowledge. Your time will only change if you do all 10 games.


After you have done these, log on to Prodigy and play for 20 minutes.

If you can't remember your log in for either of these websites, either send me (je38) a message on J2e or email the school office ( and I'll try and get the information to as you soon as I can.



LO: To summarise and interpret information

Today you have a reading comprehension to complete. This text is all about Carnivals. Your task is to read through the text and answer the questions linked to what you have just read. Please answer in full sentences and make sure that you’re using the correct punctuation.

Choose a tab at the bottom to work on either Bronze, Silver or Gold. 


LO: To explain who founded Christianity and where it was founded and to think about the representations of Jesus Christ.

Christianity traces its beginnings to the birth and teachings of Jesus. After Jesus died, his disciples (or followers) continued to spread the word of God. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

Click the tab that leads to the power point at the bottom of this page. Go through the power point and read all about how and where Christianity was founded.

Take a look at the different ways that Jesus has been shown in the art work in the power point presentation. Can you recognise a pattern in the way that he has been shown? Jesus lived over 2000 years ago so no one really knows what he looks like- these are artists’ impressions.

Take some time now to draw you’re your own version of what you think Jesus might look like. Will he be holding anything? Will you include anything else in your picture?

Have a go at the worksheet at the bottom of this page.