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Day 4


In this lesson, we will explore using apostrophes for both possession and contraction. Additionally, we will practise writing some sentences using apostrophes.

Lesson 4


Year 6 L.O: To use scale factors.

If you are in Year 6, please click the link below to watch the demonstration video for today's lesson. The link opens up to 'Week 12' so please make sure you click 'Week 1' where you will find the video for this lesson. Watch the video titled 'Lesson 5 - Using scale factors' Once you have watched this video, click the second link below to access the activity booklet to complete in your home learning books. Please put the question number you are answering in the margin so you can go back and check your answers once you are done

Video Lesson

Activity Book

Activity Book Answers



  1. Have a go at writing the meaning of forgiveness in your book.
  2. Can you give some examples of where we might see forgiveness?

   3. Look at the following words and think about whether these are words yu have heard before. Your challenge is to research each term, finding its dictionary definition.


   4. Write a paragraph explaining how each of these words is different from forgiving.

    5. After reading the question in orange above along with the quote by Buddha, can you write a maximum of two paragraphs, answering the question, providing your point of view.