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Day 4


Click the link below to access Lesson 4 which is a reading activity linked to 'The Giant's Necklace' by Michael Morpurgo. Today, you will read the next part of the story and form an impression of the setting. You will also make a prediction of what is going to happen next.

Lesson 4



Learn about the different types of triangles and their properties.

This includes:

  • one video
  • a learning summary
  • two interactive activities



What does the word peace mean? Have a go at defining this term in your own words in your book.

The Oxford Dictionary gives two definitions for the word ‘peace’. These are:

  1. Freedom from disturbance; tranquillity.
  2. A state or period in which there is no war or war has ended.

Which definition do you think matches best to the examples you have given? Do your examples match both of the definitions?


Choose a modern person who is associated with peace. Your task is to research this person and create a presentation all about them. This presentation can be completed on posters or on a computer. Remember to make your presentation bold and clear.

Ideas for people you could research: