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Day 4


L.O.: To complete a simple symmetrical figure

Today you are deepening your understanding of symmetry by creating your own symmetrical figures and completing others that have been started. You will learn how to check your work to ensure that lines of symmetry are accurate.

Click on the link below to start the lesson, then complete the worksheet attached to this page.

Maths lesson


In this lesson, we will review the text type and the features of a non-fiction text. Then we will read one page of the book and answer questions on the text.

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LO: To research and interpret information about Alexander Graham Bell

During your history lesson today you will be learning all about man called Alexander Graham Bell. I am sure you have heard of him and know how famous he is for inventing something so important to us- even today! The telephone! 

Watch the video below of an actor who talks as Alexander Graham Bell. Whilst watching the film, make notes of the key stages in the inventor’s life. Use these notes to create a story board with pictures and captions about these key events. Remember to keep them in chronological order (the order that they happened in).