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Day 4


L.O. To order fractions

This session on fractions involves you ordering unit fractions and fractions with the same denominator. You will be using bar models and number lines to order the fractions and write them in ascending (going up) and descending (going down) order. Watch the video below and then do the attached worksheet.




LO: To use the correct punctuation in sentences

Punctuation can be a tricky thing to remember to add into your writing but it is incredibly important when someone is reading your work.

Click the tab at the bottom of the page to fix the punctuation errors.

There are 3 levels of worksheet- complete the one you would normally in class.

1 star = Bronze

2 stars = Silver

3 stars = Gold


LO: To research and interpret information about Elizabeth Fry

During your history lesson today you will be learning all about a lady called Elizabeth Fry. You may have heard her name before, but do you know why she is famous?

Watch the video below of an actor who talks as Elizabeth Fry. Use this video to create an information booklet all about Elizabeth and what she did.

You may want to use a search engine to find out some more facts.

More info:  click here

In your information booklet make sure you include the answers to these questions:

  1. What was Elizabeth Fry most remembered for?
  2. When did Elizabeth Fry live? How many children did she have?
  3. What did she do to help people in prisons?
  4. What did she think were the main problems for people in prison?
  5. Did Elizabeth Fry meet any famous people?