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Day 3


Today, you will review the past, present and future progressive tense.

Lesson 3


Year 6: L.O: To calculate ratios

If you are in Year 6, please click the link below to watch the demonstration video for today's lesson. The link opens up to 'Week 12' so please make sure you click 'Week 1' where you will find the video for this lesson. Watch the video titled 'Lesson 4 - Calculating ratio' Once you have watched this video, click the second link below to access th activity booklet to complete in your home learning books. Please put the question number you are answering in the margin so you can go back and check your answers once you are done.

Video Lesson

Activity Book




Open the attachment below titled 'History Lesson: Dates'. Have this file open alongside my instructions below. Do not skip ahead and read each page carefully.

  1. Stop on Page 2: Order the measurements in time from smallest to greatest.
  2. Stop on Page 7: Can you complete the sentences with the correct information?
  3. Stop on Page 8: Draw a horizontal line in your book and mark on the dates on the timeline on this page on your timeline. Mark the following years on your timeline: 54BC, 200AD, 140BC, 1650AD, 1880AD, 390BC. 1999AD.
  4. Stop on Page 9: Complete Activity 2 and 3 by ordering the dates correctly.
  5. Stop on Page 11: Complete the missing information in the two sentences on this page.
  6. Stop on Page 12: Try to match the years to the correct century.