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Day 3


L.O. To subtract fractions

You are moving on now to subtracting fractions. You will be subtracting fractions with the same denominator (bottom number) where the total is less than 1.  You will notice that you subtract the numerators (top numbers) and the denominators (bottom numbers) stay the same.

Watch the video below and then do the attached worksheet.




Today you will be developing your scientific vocabulary linked to food and diet. Later on this week you will use these words to your advantage. 

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States of matter

L.O.: I can describe what happens when you heat or cool each state of matter

In this lesson, you will learn what happens to the behaviour and arrangement of particles when they are heated or cooled. You will also investigate some uses of these properties such as cooling gases in order to store them.

Click on the lesson below. You will find the worksheet at the bottom of the page.

States of matter lesson 3