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Day 2


Click the link below to access Lesson 2 which is a reading activity linked to 'The Giant's Necklace' by Michael Morpurgo. Today, you will  look to understand the main character's personality by analysing language and a conversation between the main character and her mother.

Lesson 2



Year 5: L.O: To find equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.

Activity 1: Watch the demonstration video below for today's lesson.



Activity 2: Once you have watched this video, click the link below to access the activity booklet to complete in your home learning books. Please put the question number you are answering in the margin if you are not completing your work on the sheet. 

Activity Book

Activity 3: Check your answers once you are done using the link below.

Activity Book Answers


Today you will be learning about the geography of the Arctic and Antarctica. Click on the link.

What is the geography of the Arctic and Antarctica?