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Day 2


Re-watch the short film from yesterday:



  1. Draw a picture of this mysterious character in the middle of your page.
  2. Around this image, describe the thoughts and feelings this character is having whilst the film progresses. You might use thought bubbles to do this.


Year 5: L.O: To add decimals with a different number of decimal places.

Activity 1: Watch the demonstration video below for today's lesson.



Activity 2: Once you have watched this video, click the link below to access the activity booklet to complete in your home learning books. Please put the question number you are answering in the margin if you are not completing your work on the sheet. 

Activity Book

Activity 3: Check your answers once you are done using the link below.

Activity Book Answers


Today you will learn about time zones around the world. Click on the link.

What time is it in different countries?