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Day 2


L.O.: To read analogue and digital 12 hour clocks

Today you are continuing with your work reading analogue and digital clocks but we are focussing on reasoning and problem solving. I have attached Bronze, Silver and Gold activities for you to try. Remember, you don’t need to do all of the sheets. Do the one you are most confident with and then challenge yourself to try the next level.

Click on the link below to watch yesterday’s lesson again, should you need to.

Maths lesson recap


LO: To summarise and interpret information

Today you have a reading comprehension to complete. This text is all about the author Malorie Blackman Your task is to read through the text and answer the questions linked to what you have just read. Please answer in full sentences and make sure that you’re using the correct punctuation.

There are 3 different levels to choose from:

1 star = Bronze

2 stars = Silver

3 stars = Gold


LO: To research and interpret information about Elizabeth Fry

During your history lesson today you will be learning all about a lady called Elizabeth Fry. You may have heard her name before, but do you know why she is famous?

Watch the video below of an actor who talks as Elizabeth Fry. Use this video to create an information booklet all about Elizabeth and what she did.

You may want to use a search engine to find out some more facts.

More info: click here

In your information booklet make sure you include the answers to these questions:

  1. What was Elizabeth Fry most remembered for?
  2. When did Elizabeth Fry live? How many children did she have?
  3. What did she do to help people in prisons?
  4. What did she think were the main problems for people in prison?
  5. Did Elizabeth Fry meet any famous people?