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Day 2


L.O. To reason and problem solve with adding fractions

You will be using your understanding of adding fractions to solve reasoning and problem solving questions. You might need to cast your mind back to the work you’ve done on equivalent fractions to help you as well. Remember you can watch the video from yesterday again if you need to.

I have attached Bronze, Silver and Gold activities for today. Pick the one you feel most confident with and, if you complete this, maybe challenge yourself with the next level up.




Continuing on with your learning from yesterday, you will be learning all about adding suffixes to the ends of words to change their meanings. 

Click this link to take you to the lesson- click here


LO: To research and interpret information about Alexander Graham Bell

During your history lesson today you will be learning all about man called Alexander Graham Bell. I am sure you have heard of him and know how famous he is for inventing something so important to us- even today! The telephone! 

Watch the video below of an actor who talks as Alexander Graham Bell. Whilst watching the film, make notes of the key stages in the inventor’s life. Use these notes to create a story board with pictures and captions about these key events. Remember to keep them in chronological order (the order that they happened in).