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Day 1


L.O. To find equivalent fractions

Today’s lesson is all about equivalent fractions. Equivalent means ‘the same’ so you are going to be finding fractions that are worth the same but have different numerators and denominators. That might sound a little complicated but if you know your times tables, you will find it much easier. You might want to have a fraction wall to help you see which fractions are worth the same.

After you have found a few equivalent fractions, can you see a rule that you could use to help you?

Watch the video below and then try the attached activity sheet





LO: To summarise and interpret information

Today you have a reading comprehension to complete. This text is all about Carnivals. Your task is to read through the text and answer the questions linked to what you have just read. Please answer in full sentences and make sure that you’re using the correct punctuation.

Choose one of the tabs at the bottom to find either Bronze, Silver or Gold. 


Over these three weeks, you will learn all about the countries in the United Kingdom. Today you are starting with Scotland.

Follow the link below to complete today's geography learning.

What is the geography of Scotland?