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Witley Court trip

Year 2 have been learning how to write recounts and here are some recounts of our class trip to Witley Court this week:

First, we stayed at school for half an hour until the bus arrived. Secondly, we got sorted in the groups then after that we had to find different kinds of flowers. Finally, after a long walk we got to the house. Minutes later, we had a quick snack break. Afterwards, we had to find different bits of the house and we saw the prisons and we saw the beautiful gardens. Before I knew it, it was time for lunch and when we were eating lunch the fountains turned on and the highest fountain reached 36 metres.

Eventually when everybody had finished, we went to the magnificent church. The roof was golden and filled with glass windows. After we visited the church we went to a park and it was filled with flowers. Without warning it was time to go back to school. I would like to come again with my mum and show her the golden roof of the church. 

By Holly 

On Wednesday 7th June I went to Witley court with my class. We had an amazing day exploring Witley court. Firstly, I skipped happily off the coach and joined my group which were gathered around a wooden bench. Then I walked through the giant woods and saw some magnificent trees! I found a huge, wide tree and Mrs Birch took a photo of me next to it also I found a tiny slim tree. Lots of trees were twisted and gnarled. They reminded me of the trees in Mr Gum and the Cherry tree. Next we quickly ran to the derelict, abandoned house, we went inside and we did some dancing (in what used to be a ballroom). I found a spiral staircase and sketched it in my black sketchbook. We saw the dungeons, they were dark, dusty and gross! Ewwwwww! I was frightened because they were creepy and gloomy!  After that, we explored some trees by the pond and I discovered a huge tree, I climbed up it and saw a tiny robin perched on a branch and a long bridge going over the pond. Before I knew it, it was time for my scrumptious lunch! I ate some pasta, blueberries, strawberries, a peach, crisps and a chocolate bar. Yum! We ate lunch by the huge fountain and in the middle of lunch without warning it sprayed its water soooo high! After lunch, we went to the golden-topped church. It was beautiful! There was colourful stain glass windows but they were actually individually painted squares they were so intricate. We stood on the pull-pit and told a very wired story about a green fish! We eventually made our way to the old, wooden park. There was a metal slide, beige ropes to walk along, brown ramps, bridges and a net. I played for a while and then sat under the shade of a tree and started to sketch.

Finally, it was time to get back on the dark blue coach. As we got on the coach a lady with a flowery dress gave us gold paper crowns. It was a tremendous day. I was excited throughout the whole day and I would like to go back with my mum and dog! 

By Marni