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The Trip To Oaker Wood 2017

Recount by Alice Year 6

Suddenly I jumped out of bed, ecstatic feelings going through my head. It was September 19th, a joyous day.  Before I knew it I was on the coach to Oaker Wood. I was going on my final residential with the school.  I was on holiday without my parents.

After a while, we were at Oaker Wood. We were deep inside a forest alone with only teachers and my friends. Happily, I skipped into my pod. In the distance, amongst the sun and the stars, I spotted something-like a laborious maze. Maybe I was dreaming? I would find out more tomorrow.

Nightime came and it was time to snuggle down in our sleeping pods. Unexpectedly I got woken up by someone in the pod… all of us did! I remembered the words crystal clear, “Jesus is coming look busy!” Then followed by a mumbling, I think I heard, “Help save Bob!” What did that mean? A little startled, I climbed out of my bed, little did I know everyone else was awoken by this sleep talking. So I strolled out of my pod expecting nothing more than a serene, bewitching moon lit walk. However as I strolled out I heard everybody’s conversations alerting me to the fact that everone else was awake. 

Before very long we were called to do our first activity (it was rafting) we got our life vests and we set sail. To begin with we did races, they were against the other team. Next we did a race where we had to turn the raft around quickly. Completely exhausted we did one more race, it was called 'Around the World'. The aim of the game was to get all of your team around the raft. It was great fun, I really enjoyed rafting. 

This was a great residential and it will always sparkle in my mind. It could have not been a better experience especially as I was sharing it with my friends. The activities were glorious and the instructors helped us conker our fears of heights (that is, if you were scared of heights.) It was the best residential by far and I wish I could go again next year!

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