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Monday afternoon at 2.30pm is a very busy and exciting time as every child in KS2 has an important role to play in our Citizenship sessions. The different groups offer real opportunities for pupils to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence as they undertake different responsibilities associated with the various citizenship groups. All groups have an elected chair person. The chairs from each group make up the school council. KS1 and EYFS have elected representatives who also meet at this time on a Monday to discuss issues from their KS1 and EYFS classes. Our programme ensures that all pupils have the opportunity to have a voice that is listened to and this helps to create a children's annual SEF (School Evaluation Form).

The fundamental British values are:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. 
Below is an outline of the various Citizenship groups.
E-Safety and Website group
These children are in charge of keeping everyone safe on line and are responsible for looking after the IT resources. Children can communicate through an E-Safety notice board where pupils can write any concerns they have or the E-Safety group can share new ideas. To help the whole school remember the important messages learnt during E-Safety lessons we have a KS1 and a KS2 E-safety song and we use the word S.M.A.R.T. During the year the group lead whole school assemblies to remind pupils about the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) and to remind pupils about other online dangers. Every February they help to organise Safer Internet Day for the whole school.  The E-safety group are also the reporters for the school website as they use the knowledge they have learnt about what is safe to publish online into practise.
Little Rotters
The Little Rotters look after the school chickens. They have to feed them and clean the hutch out. This is a very responsible job because the chickens cannot talk so they have to make sure they are looking after them properly and respecting their needs.
Super Sporting Supervisors (S.S.S) organise exciting playtime activities such as tennis, basketball, football and hockey skills, athletics and many more playground games. A timetable of events is displayed in the hall so every child knows which activities are on offer. We believe that all children have the right to relax, play and join in a wide range of activities, as well as the responsibility to include everyone in their games and activities. 
The Eco team work towards improving environmental footprints and encourage a more sustainable school environment. The school holds 5 Green Flag Awards and is a  mentoring school for Eco Schools. The Eco team lead a weekly assembly, have monitoring system to check electrical items are switched off, check recycling bins are used effectively and try encourage children to eat healthy snacks. The Eco team annually organise 'Green Day' whereby they organise exciting activities which teach about a specific area of the eco curriculum. This is a day when the Eco team are given the responsibility to run the school for the day! The children set the rules and are responsible for the well being and safety of all pupils during the eco activities. 
The Charity group research how they can contribute positively to society by helping others. Children enjoy organinsing whole school events such as Children in Need, Comic Relief and sell poppies in November.  Children work closely with a designated adult to use initiative to find ways which they can contribute positively to society without relying on raising money. Ideas include sending old school computers to Africa, recycling clothes to the Maggs Day Centre and collecting stamps for the RNLI.   
CREW (Collective RE Worship)
Every fortnight the CREW group lead a whole school collective worship in which they retell Christian stories from The Bible or they explain celebrations from a range of other faiths. This teaches the children to have an acceptance that other people having different faiths or beliefs should be accepted and tolerated, and should not be the cause of prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour.  
These children have the responsibility of looking after the school library and making sure books have been put back in the correct place. The children are also reading ambassadors and promote the love of reading across the whole school. They are responsible for helping to organise World Book Day for the whole school and every Friday lunchtime they run a reading club whereby they read and enjoy books with KS1 children.
Safe at School
These children investigate the important question, 'What makes you feel safe in school?' They organise children questionnaires,  meet with the H&S governor to discuss and share issues, lead assemblies where they talk about issues such as bullying, road safety, following rules and keeping safe, etc. They produce information leaflets for other pupils on issues they feel are important. 
Buddies and Mentors
Buddies and Mentors are role models for the younger pupils in the school. They may read, play table games, play outside, sit and write or do maths with their buddy or a host of other activities that the teacher has set but their main aim is to demonstrate the importance of treating others with respect and to set a good example of how to follow our school rules. 
Reporters: Maddi (Year 5) Willow (Year 5)
Images: Fred (Year 4)
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