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Pioneer Centre Residential with Years 3 & 4

On Wednesday 25th April we left school for our adventure! When we first arrived we all went to our new dorms and made our beds, after that we had lunch and set off to our first activity.

My first activity was the low ropes. Low ropes is where you have different exciting challenges on a kind of obstacle course. We even made fairy houses, it was great fun! After the activity had finished I went back to my dorm and had some fun with my friends playing games and talking. 

Next we learnt how to use a bow and arrow in archery. I was really pleased when I managed to hit the target board and earn points for my team.

Our last activity on this first day was caving. I didn't think I would like caving because of the small gaps and holes I would have to climb through. I surprised myself as it was really quite fun. After climbing through all the tunnels, we played different games like dolphin and hide and seek. At the end of caving I was awarded a thirty pence voucher to spend at the trading post shop, this was because I had shown courage during the activity.

On Thursday 26th April we all got woke up by James the instructor. He used an audio ball and at 7.30am and we had a disco in the corridor and in the common room.



After our breakfast we headed as a whole group to our first activity of the day, it was called tropical inc. Everyone got to hold amazing animals. Elliot even kissed a toad! It took ten children to hold a gigantic snake! It was so much fun.

After lunch we played team games like catch the flag, cops and robbers and a game where we had to collect different coloured pen marks. 

That evening we had a camp fire. We sang songs and had a banana eating competition. 

Our last activity was big bounce. There were three large bouncy castles where we played football, basketball and completed a challenge course. This was great fun.

After lunch it was time to end our adventure and go home.  The whole residential was much better than I thought it would be. I loved spending time with my friends, sleeping in a dorm with my friends and trying new activities. I wish I could go back again next week!

Report written by Brooke and Jess.

Scroll through our photographs to see how much fun we had.... 

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