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A Chocolate Celebration

On Friday family and friends were invited into School to join Lobster Class for a Chocolate Celebration. The children presented work from their topic “The Golden Ticket” which was based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Over the last term the children have formed their own chocolate companies conducting market research, manufacturing their own chocolate products and studying advertising. Of course we had lots of chocolate samples to taste which were a big success! We watched some videos of the TV adverts the children had made to promote their products. They were particularly proud of their amazing advertising slogans.

Colourful Crunch Bar (Elliot, Harriet, Olivia, Arlo)
“Munch Colourful Crunch!”

Colourful crunch bar

                                                                                          Fuzzy Chocolate (Ruby, Summer, Oliver, Fred)                                                                                         “Have a Fuzzy, Wuzzy Day!”

Fuzzy Chocolate

Rainbow Chocolate (Emily, Annabel, Millie, Logan, Will)
“Keep calm and eat Rainbows.”

Rainbow Chocolate

Rainbow Drops (Lottie, Jess, Jamie, Evan)
“A drop of Rainbow is all you need.”

Rainbow Drops


The children performed a poem that they had written themselves based on the Oompa-Loompas rowing their boat down the chocolate river.

The afternoon was concluded by a fantastic rainforest dance choreographed by Mrs Postlethwaite.

During the afternoon the children held a collection to raise some money to purchase and protect an area of rainforest. They were delighted to discover that they had managed to raise over £50.00 which means that we will be able to purchase half an acre of rainforest. Lobster class would like to say a big thank you to all family and friends for their very generous donations. Once we have received the details of the land purchased we will let you know the location of the “Abberley Rainforest!”





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